Frequently Asked Questions

Last revised 1/2/2017

What is Did You Serve?

Did You Serve? is an awareness initiative created to better educate homebuying service professionals, particularly real estate agents, about the homebuying benefits military service members and Veterans have earned through their military service.

Did You Serve? challenges homebuying service professionals, to take the pledge to ask the question "Did You Serve?" when meeting with a prospective homebuyer. The organization then empowers homebuying service professionals with the knowledge and resources to better serve these Veterans and military families.

How do I participate in Did You Serve?

The first step is to take the pledge to ask "Did You Serve?" From there you can create your own Did You Serve? profile page. You'll also receive a tactical kit of materials and marketing resources to share with your clients. To obtain the full benefits of the program, sign up for theDid You Serve? certification.

Why should I participate in Did You Serve?

Real estate agents are in a unique position to shepherd service members and Veterans throughout the homebuying experience. Their knowledge of the process can oftentimes make all the difference in ensuring everything from loan preapproval to closing. On top of that, agents can expand their own client market, gaining new clients through the power of the VA Home Loan program.

  • Agents who take the pledge can differentiate themselves from other agents in the community.
  • Agents will receive education, resources and marketing support to better serve military families and Veterans.
  • By asking the question "Did You Serve?" agents can identify new clients many of who would not be able to purchase a home without the benefits of the VA Home Loan.
  • Agents can earn a sense of pride from helping to those who served.

How is Did You Serve? affiliated with Veterans United Realty?

Did You Serve, LLC is a service for real estate agents owned by Military Homes Realty, the parent company of Veterans United Realty. Did You Serve? will share your contact information (name, phone number and email) with Veterans United Realty in order to offer services for your Veteran and military clients. A real estate agent is not required in any way to use Veterans United Realty in order to receive the benefits of Did You Serve? nor is engaging with Did You Serve? a requirement to do business with Veterans United.

Why is it important to ask Did You Serve?

Unfortunately, there is a lack of knowledge among Veterans and military families, as well as homebuying service professionals, about the benefits available through the VA Home Loan program. Advantages such as purchasing a home with no money down, no monthly mortgage insurance premiums and relaxed qualification requirements help open the doors to homeownership for those who fought to defend the American Dream.

  • FACT: 90 percent of real estate agents and lenders either lack information or discourage the use of the VA Home Loan program.
  • FACT: 84 percent of VA homebuyers took advantage of the no down payment option in FY 2013.
  • FACT: There are now more than 2 million active VA Home Loans; only 10 percent of Veterans are currently using their VA Loan benefit.
  • FACT: Nearly 2 million Veterans have searched for information regarding the VA Home Loan in the last 12 months.
  • FACT: The average VA borrower saves an average of $200 per month through no mortgage insurance premiums, resulting in a savings of $35 billion over the life of all VA loans issued in the last year.

Lack of knowledge of the VA Home Loan program is the biggest reason why Veterans don't use the program.

When should agents not ask "Did You Serve?"

Did You Serve, LLC recognizes and supports Fair Housing guidelines. In Massachusetts, soliciting military status is illegal because military status represents a protected class. In these instances, Did You Serve, LLC recommends briefing clients on VA benefits through other means, including discussing the benefits of VA financing with every client. Should a client or Veteran self-identify as such, agents can utilize their Did You Serve? training to help those who have served take advantage of their hard earned benefit. Agents should consult their local Fair Housing guidelines to determine whether military or veteran status is a protected class.

What's the difference between taking the pledge and the certification?

Taking the pledge commits you to asking each and every one of your buyers "Did You Serve?" But what if they answer yes? The certification gives you the tools and knowledge you need to provide a specialized and superior customer experience for each and every one of your VA buyers.

The certification will enable real estate agents to spread awareness of the homebuying benefits available to Veterans as well as promote the agent's respective expertise and commitment to serving those who've served.

The Did You Serve? certification also offers continuing education credit (in eligible states). This course will help agents better understand military service and how to best use the VA Home Loan program to meet the needs of their Veteran homebuyers.

How do I get certified?

The Did You Serve? certification provides you with the knowledge you need to serve Veterans and their families in the homebuying process. In addition, obtaining this certification demonstrates your dedication to our nation's service members. To become certified you'll need to take the pledge and register for the certification on

The certification costs $79.99. Some benefits of the certification include:

  • An endorsement by military leaders
  • Continuing education opportunities*
  • Personalized Did You Serve? webpage
  • Access to online resources
  • Did You Serve? Certified Agent Badge for your website
  • Buyer Seminar Presentation
  • Access to customized marketing materials

*Not available in all states

How does the CE work?

The continuing education course offered by Did You Serve? will provide you with knowledge to feel confident serving VA buyers. The cost of the CE is included in the cost of the certification. Those who purchases the certification are provided a promotional code to be used at checkout that will eliminate any charges.

Why should I upgrade my certification to Pro?

Offered exclusively to Did You Serve? Certified Agents, the "Pro" designation is available for agents looking to gain access to professionally designed and expertly crafted monthly marketing campaigns. These marketing materials will help you spread your commitment to helping Veterans and service members via a complete marketing mix.

For only $9.99 per month, Did You Serve? Certified Pro Agents may receive:

  • Email Newsletter Content
  • Social Media Strategies and Post Ideas
  • Infographics, Videos and Advertising
  • Direct Mail Postcard Templates
  • Suggested Marketing Calendar

Did You Serve? Certified Agents can upgrade to Pro by clicking the "Go Pro Today" button located on your account dashboard.

Is Did You Serve? affiliated with the military or government?

No. Did You Serve? is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with by the Department of Veterans Affairs or any government agency.