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Help achieve the American Dream for those who fought to defend it.

“Did you serve?” Every real estate agent has a responsibility to provide the best homebuying resources and services available to his or her client. By asking this simple question, you can open up a world of possibilities for a veteran looking to buy a home. Will you ask every client, every time?

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Stand with our Nation's Military Leaders

The senior-most retired enlisted Veterans from each branch of service have teamed up to encourage homeownership amongst those who served. Join them by taking the pledge to serve our nation's Veterans. 

* Military Advisors are paid employees of Veterans United Home Loans

By the Numbers

Download Each year, 200,000 military members transition from service back to civilian life.
Download Seventy-five percent of military service members say owning a home is one of the most important things upon returning from service.
Download Only 10% of Veterans will use their VA home loan benefit, mostly due to lack of education and awareness.

More than a Certification — It's an Honor
Ready to take your service to Veterans and military service members to the next level? Introducing the Did You Serve?™ Agent Certification.

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Homebuying Benefits for Veterans


No Down Payment Required

For many, the biggest obstacle to buying a home is saving up for the costly down payment. With the VA Loan, homebuyers are not required to put any money down.

Lower Monthly Payments

Because the VA provides a financial guaranty on each VA Loan, lending institutions carry less risk and don’t require private mortgage insurance which can save hundreds every month.

Easier to Qualify

The rigors of military service can often do a number on a person's credit report. More than 80 percent of Veterans and service members using a VA Loan wouldn't qualify for conventional financing, but the flexible qualification standards of the VA Home Loan program gives those who have served a path in which to purchase a home.
Are you prepared to serve?

Veteran Homebuyers Tactical Kit

By pledging your support, you'll receive a free toolkit to help you better serve military and veteran homebuyers, as well as a customizable agent profile website for you to share.

  • Create your Did You Serve?™ Profile to highlight your commitment to serving those who have served.
  • Get materials and marketing resources to share with your clients, including copies of "The Book on VA Loans" and "Veteran Homebuyer" magazine.
  • Receive educational materials from Did You Serve?™ and its corporate champions to learn more about available products and services.
Take the Pledge

Take the Pledge

Now it's your turn to serve. Pledge to ask all future clients the question and help our nation’s heroes take advantage of their hard-earned benefits.

"I Pledge to ask 'Did you serve?' to every client, and help educate our nation's Veterans and military service members on the homebuying benefits they’ve earned through their service to our country."

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